Friday, June 21, 2019

A new maturity model for digital preservation

A new maturity model for digital preservation. Jenny Mitcham. Digital Preservation Coalition blog. 20 June 2019.
     This blog discusses a new digital preservation maturity model, which is not yet available, that the DPC has been developing in a project with the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). They wanted to "measure the NDA’s digital preservation maturity now. This is helpful to do at the start of any digital preservation journey, both to see where you are now, and to consider where you would like to be. The benchmarking tool could then be applied at the end of the project and at regular intervals further down the line to measure progress and review goals."  Digital preservation is usually implemented incrementally, so being able to map progress is incredibly valuable. The effort start with the maturity model created by Adrian Brown of the UK Parliamentary Archives, then make some substantial changes to it, such as changing the roadmaps, promoting the community element, and others. "Digital preservation is not a one-off activity and in an evolving field like this it is important to keep one eye on the horizon to see what is coming up and consider how to react."
The model, called the DPC Rapid Assessment Model, should be:
  • Applicable for all organizations
  • Applicable for all content of long-term value
  • Preservation strategy and solution agnostic
  • Based on existing good practice
  • Simple to understand and quick to apply