Monday, November 30, 2015

Sharing the load: Jisc RDM Shared Services events

Sharing the load: Jisc RDM Shared Services events. Chris Awre. Digital Archiving blog. 25 November 2015.
     This post is a summary of the Jisc event he attended that was looking at shared services for research data management.  Most academic institutions are struggling to manage research data and some form of shared service provision will be of benefit.  The presentation "Digital Preservation Requirements for Research Data Management" that he and Jenny Mitcham gave "highlighted the importance of digital preservation as part of a full RDM service, stressing of how a lack of digital preservation planning has led to data loss over time, and how consideration of requirements has been based on long established principles from the OAIS Reference Model". Any RDM shared service should include digital preservation capabilities. There is a need to provide a suit of shared services, including providing a shared service platform for digital preservation and providing independent digital preservation tools.

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