Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Doomsday Scenario: Exporting CONTENTdm Records to XTF

A Doomsday Scenario: Exporting CONTENTdm Records to XTF. Andrew Bullen. D-Lib Magazine. November/December 2016.
     Because of budgetary concerns, the Illinois State Library asked Andrew Bullen to explore how their CONTENTdm collections could be migrated to another platform. (The Illinois Digital Archives repository is based on CONTENTdm). He chose methods that would allow him to quickly migrate the collections using existing tools, particularly PHP, Perl, and XTF which they use as the platform for a digital collection of electronic Illinois state documents. The article shows the perl code written, metadata, record examples, and walks through the process. He started A Cookbook of Methods for Using CONTENTdm APIs. Each collection presented different challenges and required custom programming. He recommends reviewing the metadata elements of each collection and normalizing like elements as much as possible, and plan what elements can be indexed and how faceted browsing could be implemented. The test was to see if the data could be reasonably converted so not all parts were implemented. In a real migration, CONTENTdm's APIs could be used as a data transfer medium.

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