Friday, July 25, 2008

ArcMail unveils email archiving appliance with Blu-Ray disks. July 23, 2008.

ArcMail Technology, a provider of email archiving and management technology, announced they will include Blu-Ray disks as part of the product offering. The product can store up to 16 TB. The cost starts at $3000.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Digital content management: the search for a content management system. Yan Han. Library Hi Tech. Volume 22 · Number 4 · 2004. [PDF]

Digital content management system: a software system that provides preservation, organization and dissemination services for digital collections. This article analyzes Greenstone, Fedora, and DSpace in the key areas of digital content management. A content management system should also provide tools and support for preservation, control and dissemination of both local documents and external content, and be cost-effective as well. DSpace received the highest marks in the operational analysis, schedule analysis and economic analysis, while Fedora received the highest score in technical analysis. DSpace was ranked first among these systems, then Fedora. The Appendix contains the functional requirements.