Monday, May 27, 2013

National Library of Australia’s Digital Preservation Policy

Digital Preservation Policy 4th Edition (2013). National Library of Australia.  May 26, 2013.
This site outlines the National Library of Australia’s policy on preserving its digital collections, and collaborating with others to preserve digital information resources. The primary objective of their digital preservation activities is maintaining the ability to meaningfully access digital collection content over time. The primary concern is preserving the ability to access the Preservation Master File from which derivatives files may be created or re-created over time. To this end, preservation of digital library material includes:
  •     Bit-level preservation of all digital objects, ie. keeping the original files intact;
  •     Ensuring that authenticity and provenance is maintained;
  •     Ensuring that appropriate preservation information is maintained;
  •     Understanding and reporting on risks which affect ongoing access;
  •     Performing appropriate actions to ensure that objects remain accessible;
  •     Periodic review of preferred formats and digital metadata standards
Preservation of the Library's digital collections involves four main goals:
  1.     Maintaining access to reliable data at bit-stream level;
  2.     Maintaining access to content encoded in the bit streams;
  3.     Maintaining access to the intended content; and
  4.     Maintaining the stated preservation intent for all digital material over time.
While specific preservation activities may focus on one or more of these goals, the Library’s preservation responsibility is only fulfilled when all four goals have been adequately addressed.

The Library uses the concepts in the Open Archival Information Systems (OAIS) Reference Model and other international standards and best practices, such as PREMIS and Open Planets Foundation.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Digital Preservation Tool Grid

Digital Preservation Tool Grid. Preserving Objects With Restricted Resources. May 15, 2013.
     This is a grid, created by POWRR, that looks at 24 different features, such as ingest, processing, access, storage, maintenance, and cost, for about 50 digital preservation tools. The tools range from simple tools to full digital preservation systems, from ACE to Xena. This tool is very informative.