Monday, October 14, 2013

The WARC File Format (ISO 28500) - Information, Maintenance, Drafts

The WARC File Format (ISO 28500) - Information, Maintenance, Drafts.

I confirm - as convenor of the WARC format ISO working group - that there are no substantial modifications between the version on and the ISO standard, except some little editorial changes. So it may be used as a trustworthy reference.

As far as I know, ISO organization resources comes largely from the selling of their standards, so it is not possible to make them freely available, except in some cases. The case of ISO/IEC standards is one of these exceptions; it is due to the fact that the standards are developed by two organizations with different publication rules (ISO and IEC).
Even as convenor, I had no free copies of the standard.
I will check again with ISO secretariat but I doubt it will be legal to make freely available the official version.

This is a reason why there is a common practice to publish draft standards
- such as we did on BnF website.

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