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Digital Preservation Matters - 6 March 2009

DPE Digital preservation video training course. Digital Preservation Europe. February 2009.

The Digital Preservation Europe group has posted their Digital Preservation Video Training Course on the internet. These videos, from October 2008 cover topics such as

  • Introduction to Digital Preservation
  • OAIS Model and Representation Information
  • Preservation Analysis Workflow and Preservation Descriptive Information
  • Digital Preservation Preparation and Requirements
  • File Formats, Significant Properties
  • Metadata
  • Planning, infrastructure
  • Trusted Repositories

The workshop was to give the participants an understanding of digital preservation, issues, challenges, an understanding of the roles, models and file elements.

Can We Outsource the Preservation of Digital Bits? Peter Murray. DLTJ Blog. March 5, 2009.

With the increasing need large-scale digital preservation storage, The Iron Mountain storage facility may be considered. It is cloud based, and some of the preservation files do not need to be on the expensive SAN storage. A diagram of the architecture is included.

digiGO! — VIdeo Content Support From Front Porch Digital To AFN. Satnews Daily. March 02, 2009.

Front Porch Digital, which recently acquired SAMMA Systems, will install the DIVArchive product for the American Forces Network (AFN) Broadcast Center. The product line includes a semi-automated system for the migration and preservation of videotape to digital files.

iPRES 2008: Proceedings of The Fifth International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects. British Library. March 2, 2009. [pdf]

This is the compilation of the iPres 2008 proceedings, all 319 pdf pages, which looks at tools and methods for digital preservation. This is the first full collection papers of the conference in addition to presentations of the conference. Some of these have been reviewed earlier, some will be included later.

Samsung stuffs 1.5TB onto three-platter hard drive. Lucas Mearian. Computerworld. March 5, 2009.

Samsung Electronics announced its first 500GB-per-platter hard drive. The hard disk has 1.5TB on three platters. With fewer platters and fewer moving parts, the drive should be more reliable.

Western Digital announced its 500GB per platter, 2TB capacity drive in January. The drive is 40% lower in power consumption in idle mode and 45% lower in reading/writing mode, and has a retail price of $149.

Preservation and Archiving Special Interest Group (PASIG) Fall Meeting. Paul Walk. Ariadne. January 2009.

This is a report on the Sun-PASIG November 2008. There are quite a number of presentation. Some items of interest:

Martha Anderson emphasized the need to preserve 'practice' as well as data, so that even if the technology we use changes, our decisions and thinking behind the processes are preserved. Chris Wood talked about storage: there will be an increase in the use of solid-state storage, but tape and disk will remain viable for some time to come. Tape is a viable storage medium and is still relatively cheap. Blu-Ray optical storage is also a good bet for the medium term. In the next few years, the cost of buying equipment will be less than the cost of running the equipment.

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