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Digital Preservation Matters - April 9, 2010

Blu-ray Disc Association Announces Additional Format Enhancements. Press Release. April 3, 2010.

The Blu-ray Disc Association announced two new media specifications:

  • The BDXL specification, targeted at broadcasting, medical and document imaging needs, has write-once discs of 100GB and 128GB capacity, and rewritable capability on 100GB discs. The discs use three to four recordable layers. A consumer version of BDXL is also expected sometime.
  • The Intra-Hybrid Blu-ray Disc has both a 25GB read only layer and 25GB rewritable layer and a single BD-RE layer so both needs can be met with one disc.

The two new types of discs require newly-designed hardware to record and play back.


Effort Will Help Libraries Put Academic Papers in Data 'Cloud'. Jeff Young. April 5, 2010

Some librarians are hoping that cloud computing will help their efforts to build institutional repositories, university wide collections of research papers. A new project sponsored by DuraSpace (a merger of DSpace and Fedora Commons) is called DuraCloud. This project plans to make it easier for librarians to put their repositories in off-site data storage. "A key design feature of DuraCloud is to leave the basics of pure storage to those who do it best (storage providers)." The project is now in the pilot phase, but should be available by the fall of 2010. "The biggest draw of the approach: It can be much cheaper than building new data centers to run on campuses.”


Submission Policy Recommendations. Chris Prom. Practical E-Records. March 24, 2010.

Here are some great policy documents that are an essential first step toward creating an active digital preservation plan. There are links on this page to several documents:

  • E-Records Deposit Policy
  • Preservation/Access Plan
  • Transfer Guidelines
  • E-record Survey Form
  • Submission Agreement Form

There is also a link to the do-it yourself TDR (Trusted Digital Repository). The preservation access plan is especially helpful because it looks at supported formats, both access and preservation formats, access tools for the formats, and migration path.


iPRES 2009: the Sixth International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects. University of California. March 30, 2010.

The proceedings and videos from iPRES 2009 (held in San Francisco on Oct 5-6 2009) are now available online. The proceedings are available through the California Digital Library’s eScholarship site. The conference program, presentations, and videos are available at this link. There are many excellent resources here.


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