Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free Tools for Your Preservation Toolbelt.

Free Tools for Your Preservation Toolbelt. Randy Stern, Spencer McEwen.  Harvard.  June 2011. A presentation delivered at the Open Repositories 2011 conference
The Digital Repository Service models “objects” rather than files.  Examples:
- Delivery, archival master, and production master images comprise one object
- All images and OCR text for a book comprise one object

Object Preservation Metadata: Digital preservation requires accurate and sufficient technical metadata to support preservation planning and activities. Descriptive metadata is also valuable for identification and management by curators.  Standards-based schema maximize tool support and ability to exchange data with other repositories.

Here are some tools they use, which are open source or will be soon.

Tool 1 - FITS (File Information Tool Set)
Identifies, validates, and extracts technical metadata from files

Tool 2 - OTS-Schemas (Object Tool Set Schemas)
Java library for reading and writing documents in common XML schemas

Tool 3 - OTS (Object Tool Set)
Java library for creating, reading, updating, and writing METS Object Descriptors

Tool 4 - BatchBuilder
Builds OTS METS objects (and SIP) from directory hierarchies of content files

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