Friday, August 05, 2011

Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter.

Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter. Library of Congress.  August 2011. [PDF]
The newsletter includes information on:
  •  “Make it Work: Improvisations on the Stewardship of Digital Information,” 
  • All About Archiving the Web 
  • Possible uniform law on the authentication of online legal materials
  • Exploring Cultural Heritage Collections With Recollection
    • Recollection is a free and open source platform that lets archivists, librarians, scholars and curators create easy to navigate web interfaces (like maps, timelines, facets, tag clouds) to their digital, cultural heritage collections.
  • Finding digital preservation training.  The training calendar.
  • Digital Time Capsules and our "Digital Afterlife"
    • Creating and organizing personal digital content for future access.
  • The Signal: Library of Congress blog to discuss digital stewardship in a way that is informative and appealing.
    • Tending the machines
  • What skills does a digital archivist or librarian need?  Skills students need to compete in the archives and libraries job market.  Expertise with programming, formats and standards is, of course, very important.  But other talents have a greater bearing on success in today’s workplace. Such as:
    • an ability to understand and adapt to new ways of using technology
    • eagerness to help refine how things are done
    • a basic understanding of how the different system parts contribute to doing the job at hand
    • ability to bridge two distinct social camps: the highly technical and the highly not-technical
    • how choose among these tools and software options to meet the needs of users
    • communication skills, including presentation, writing, speaking and persuading
    • ability to social media and to integrate photographs, graphics and video with text to get the right message out to as many people as possible

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