Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Dream of perpetual access comes true!

Dream of perpetual access comes true! Jeffrey van der Hoeven. Open Planets Foundation. 
he KEEP project released its final version of the open source Emulation Framework software. This project has brought emulation in the digital preservation context to the next level, that is, user friendly.  The easy to install package runs on all major computer platforms.  It automates several steps:

  1. identify what kind of digital file you want to render;
  2. find the required software and computer platform you need;
  3. match the requirements with available software and emulators;
  4. install the emulator;
  5. configure the emulator and prepare software environment;
  6. inject the digital file you selected into the emulated environment;
  7. give you control over the emulated environment.
 The software supports six different computer platforms out of the box: x86, Commodore 64, Amiga, BBC Micro, Amstrad, Thomson, by using seven open source emulators which are distributed  with the Emulation Framework. 

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