Wednesday, May 16, 2012

BitCurator: Tools and Techniques for Digital Forensics in Collecting Institutions.

BitCurator: Tools and Techniques for Digital Forensics inCollecting Institutions.  Christopher A. Lee, et al.  D-Lib Magazine.  May/June 2012.
The BitCurator Project aims to incorporate digital forensics tools and methods into collecting institutions' workflows for libraries, archives and museums (LAMs).  There is an increasing need to move born-digital materials from removable media into more sustainable preservation environments.  The project criteria for the multi-year project will include the following:
  • The forensic technologies should be open source, extensible, and mature.
  • Development will focus on extensions, plugins, and wrappers for proven software rather than from-scratch development.
  • It will adhere to a common digital forensic metadata standard and provide crosswalks to relevant library and archives metadata schemas.


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