Friday, May 04, 2012

Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter.

Library of Congress Digital Preservation Newsletter. May 2012. [PDF]
Items from the Newsletter include:
  • Key outcomes of the NDIIPP program are to identify priorities for born digital collections and engage organizations committed to preserving digital content.
  • Viewshare  is being used for the collections
  • Floppy Disks are Dead, Long Live Floppy Disks
    • Floppy disks are fragile constructions that were never designed for permanence.
    • Difficult to determine what is on the floppy and to recover
    • A floppy disk controller called Catweasel allows computers to access a wide variety of older disk formats (must have the floppy drive).
  • Web archiving.  
    • Because of the scope of the web sites, consider partnering with other institutions.
  •  Preservation of and Access to Federally Funded Scientific Data
    • Research data produced by federally funded scientific projects should be freely available to the wider research community and the public
    • Public data should be a public resource, and data sharing supports core scientific values like openness, transparency, and replication. 
    • Lack of resources for curating scientific data and a lingering tradition of data hoarding create resistance to open access to research data.

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