Monday, October 15, 2012

The Big Picture: Preserving Audio & Video Digital Media.

The DuraSpace site has a series of webinars dealing with preserving audio and video files.  The above link is to the overview of the webinars. To watch the webinars, use the links below.

1.        The Big Picture: Preserving Audio and Video Digital Media. Webinar. DuraSpace.  May 16, 2012.
Analog migration choices and digital migration formats; storage and retrieval, codecs, techniques for data reduction and compression, media containers.

Storage solutions, advantages and disadvantages; tools; PBCore; Wowza with Flowplater; costs and limitations; creating an open source solution.

3.       Describing Audio and Video Digital Media with Metadata. Kara Van Malssen, Chris Beer.  June 13, 2012.
Need provenance and technical metadata; broadcast wave format; embed metadata in files; know the source; understand what you have.

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