Saturday, March 23, 2013

Score Model

Score Model. Website. Digitaal Erfgoed Nederland, PACKED. 2013.

This score model guides you through the risks and threats to digital materials. It has a series of questions that create a report that points out the strong and weaker points of your digital organization. The report provides recommendations in order to minimise the risks are provided where possible.

The tool is intended especially for small and medium heritage organizations, but anyone who is managing a digital collection and has a concern about its sustainability can use the Score model.

These risks are grouped in seven clusters:
  1. Organisation and policy: does the preservation of digital files fit the structure and policy of your organisation?
  2. Preservation strategy: is it correctly recorded what is being preserved, for whom and in what manner?
  3. Expertise and organisation: is the right expertise present in your institution and it it put to good use?
  4. Storage management: is the physical storage of the digital files also reliable?
  5. Ingest: are the right measures taken whenever a digital object is ingested into your storage system?
  6. Planning and control: is the management well prepared? Are all actions retraceable?
  7. Access: is access to the digital files properly regulated?

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