Monday, April 22, 2013

Stakeholder Benefits from Research Data Management: new document from Research360 project.

Stakeholder Benefits from Research Data Management: new document from Research360 project. Neil Beagrie, Catherine Pink. University of Bath. 
The Research360 Project has released the summary stakeholder benefits analysis from the Research Data Management business case for the University of Bath. The 4 page document is available for  download in PDF format.

Industry and private sector partnerships alongside public sector and voluntary sector partnerships are key elements of many university research programmes.  Frequently partners sharing their practice, results data and laboratory methodologies can lead to vital knowledge transfer activities, improved services and products, creation of spin-out companies and further investment in the Higher Education sector.  A summary list of stakeholder benefits that can arise from research data management in these collaborations. Benefits are listed for:
  • university community by its key stakeholder groups:
    • academic staff and researchers, students, professional services, and the institution
  • external partners:
    • industry and commerce, public/voluntary sectors, government, and society 
 Some of the benefits include:
  • Improve possibility of success in research funding by addressing any concerns around data management.
  • Safeguarding your data against potential loss.
  • Support in patent issues such as proof of provenance through improved use of version control.
  • Enhanced global reputation through recognition of the quality of research outputs and data infrastructure.
  • Attract new collaborators and accelerate deepening of existing relationships.
  • Graduate employability increased through university partner connections and student data skills.
  • Reduction of risk for sensitive data if data transfer is secure.
  • Cost efficiencies from shared data services.

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