Saturday, June 15, 2013

EPUB for archival preservation: an update

EPUB for archival preservation: an update. Johan van der Knijff's blog on Open Planets.
In 2012  the KB released a report on the suitability of the EPUB format for archival preservation. A substantial number of EPUB-related developments have happened since then, and as a result some of the report's findings and conclusions have become outdated, particularly the observations on EPUB 3, and the support of EPUB by characterisation tools. This blog post provides an update to those findings :
  • Use of EPUB in scholarly publishing
  • Adoption and use of EPUB 3
  • EPUB 3 reader support
  • Support of EPUB by characterisation tools
The use of EPUB is increasing and a number of publishers are all using EPUB 2. Also, a number of organisations representing the publishing industry support EPUB 3, though the actual use of EPUB 3 is still limited.The 2012 report concluded that EPUB was not optimally supported by characterisation tools. This situation has improved quite a lot since that time. EPUB is now included in PRONOM, and DROID.  Overall, EPUB's credentials as a preservation format appear to have improved quite a bit over the last year.

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