Thursday, October 16, 2014

Web archiving in the United States: a 2013 survey and NDSA Report.

Web archiving in the United States: a 2013 survey and NDSA Report. Jefferson Bailey, et al. National Digital Stewardship Alliance. September 2014. [PDF]

Report on a survey of organizations in the United States that are actively involved in, or planning to start, programs to archive content from the Web. Over half of the respondents were from colleges of universities. Respondents consider technical skills to be the most necessary to the development and success of their programs. Respondents are most interested in metrics relating to volume and usage. Most do not participate in collaborative archiving.  Overall the results suggest that web archiving programs are maturing and are moving towards standard practices.
  • 81% devote half or less of an FTE time to archiving the web
  •  40% indicated that knowledge of web technologies or archiving tools is essential
  • 58% capture web content without either notifying or seeking permission from content owners
  •  55% of respondents conditionally respect robots.txt
  •  63% use external web archiving services exclusively, a 3% increase over last survey
Concern about ability to archive types of content (multiple selections):
  • social media - 79%  
  • databases - 74%  
  • video 73% (63
  • interactive media 56%
  •  audio – 45%
  • blogs – 36%
  •  art – 17%

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