Friday, November 14, 2014

POWRR Tool Grid

POWRR Tool Grid. COPTR Consortium. November 2014.
     The Digital POWRR Project has produced version 2 of the Digital POWRR Tools Grid. The Grid, which helps practitioners find software tools to solve their digital preservation challenges, provides information about almost 400 digital preservation tools.The Tools Grid can also be found on a new domain for community owned digital preservation resources: Digipres Commons.

Digipres Commons highlights useful collaborative preservation resources from around the web as well as hosting these other collaborative services:
  • The COPTR tools registry
  • The Digital Preservation Question and Answer site
  • The File Formats aggregation service
The main topics of tools, subdivided by material or format, are:
  •  Access, Use and Reuse 
  •  Create or Receive (Acquire) 
  •  Cross-Lifecycle Functions 
  •  Dispose 
  •  Ingest 
  •  Preservation Action 
  •  Preservation Planning 
  •  Store 

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