Tuesday, January 06, 2015

TIMBUS Project Web Portal: a Gateway to the TIMBUS Tools

TIMBUS Project Web Portal: a Gateway to the TIMBUS Tools. Timbus Project website. December 19, 2014.

The EU-cofunded TIMBUS project focuses on resilient business processes making the data accessible over long periods. Continued accessibility is often considered as a set of activities carried out in the isolation of a single domain. TIMBUS, however, considers the dependencies on third-party services, information and capabilities that will be necessary to validate digital information in a future usage context. TIMBUS will deliver activities, processes and tools that ensure
  • continued access to services and software
  • to produce the context within which information can be accessed, properly rendered, validated and transformed into knowledge.
This approach extends traditional digital preservation approaches by introducing the need to analyse and sustain accessibility to business processes and the supporting services, and it aligns preservation actions more fully with enterprise risk management (ERM) and business continuity management (BCM).  The complexity and scale of enterprise business processes makes TIMBUS exceptionally relevant.

This website is a gateway to the outputs of the 4-year TIMBUS Project. It focuses on materials that bridge the gap between the complex research carried out by organizations and industries looking to implement direct, usable approaches to the digital preservation of their business processes. The site contains:
  • Tools to collect relevant information from software and systems to generate a picture of a whole network of processes.
  • Legalities Lifecycle Management tools and training
  •  Risk assessment tools and recommendations about collected process data 
  • Digital Preservation Expert Suite which includes tools to gather risk assessment  to provide Digital Preservation as a possible solution.



airbrake vs sentry said...

I just want to thank you for the work that you do and your willingness to share. You have created outstanding materials and we all benefit from your generosity.

Chris Erickson said...

Thanks. These notes are my memory jogger of what I have read, so I am glad they have been useful.