Monday, February 09, 2015

All in the (Apple ProRes 422 Video Codec) Family

All in the (Apple ProRes 422 Video Codec) Family. The Signal.
The Apple ProRes 422 family of video codecs to the Sustainability of Digital Formats website. These codecs are proprietary, lossy compressed, high quality intermediate codecs for digital video primarily supported by Final Cut Pro.

The Apple ProRes 422 Codec Family comprises four subtypes:
  1. ProRes 422 HQ: the highest data-rate version of the ProRes 422 codecs, applying the least compression for the best quality but the largest files.
  2.  ProRes 422:  the second-highest data-rate of the group, often used for multistream, real-time editing and has a significant storage savings over uncompressed video 
  3. ProRes 422 LT:  the third-highest data-rate version, considered an editing codec with  smaller file sizes
  4. ProRes 422 Proxy: the lowest data-rate version often used in offline post-production work that requires low data rates but also a full screen picture.

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