Friday, February 13, 2015

Crystal clear digital preservation: a management issue

Crystal clear digital preservation: a management issue.  Barbara Sierman. Digital Preservation Seeds.
February 1, 2015.
The book Digital Preservation for Libraries, Archives and Museums by Edward Corrado and Heather Lea Moulaison does a great job of explaining to people about digital preservation. "In crystal clear language, without beating about the bush and based on extensive up to date (until 2014) literature, digital preservation is explained and almost every aspect of it is touched upon. " It explains what digital preservation is not (backup, etc.) The point of the book is expressed by the statement:
“ensuring ongoing access to digital content over time requires careful reflection and planning. In terms of technology, digital preservation is possible today. It might be difficult and require extensive, institution-wide planning, but digital preservation is an achievable goal given the proper resources. In short, digital preservation is in many ways primarily a management issue”.
It uses the Digital Preservation Triad to symbolize the interrelated activities of
  • Management-related activities,
  • Technological activities and
  • Content-centred activities.
The book, which is also available as an eBook, has a practical approach and emphasizes that “that digital preservation is important to the overall mission of the organization”, and not just an experimental project.

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