Saturday, February 07, 2015

Digital Tools and Apps

Digital Tools and Apps. Chris Erickson. Presentation for ULA. 2014. [PDF]
This is a presentation I created for ULA to briefly outline a few tools that I find helpful. There are many useful tools, and more are being created all the time. Here are a few that I use.
  • Copy & Transfer Tools: WinSCP; Teracopy;
  • Rename Tools: Bulk Rename Utility
  • Integrity & Fixity Tools: MD5Summer; MD5sums 1.2; Quick Hash; Hash Tool
  • File Editing Tools: Babelpad; Notepad++; XML Notepad; 
    • ExifTool; BWF MetaEdit; BWAV Reader;
  • File Format Tools: DROID; 
  • File Conversion:  Calibre; Adobe Portfolio;
  • Others: A whole list of other tools that I use or suggest you look at.
    •  PDF/A tools
    • Email tools
 Please let me know what tools you find helpful.

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