Monday, February 02, 2015

Websites Change, Go Away and Get Taken Down

Websites Change, Go Away and Get Taken Down.  Website. January 2015. is a beta service that allows users to create citation links that will never break.
When a user creates a link, archives a copy of the referenced content, and generates a link to an unalterable hosted instance of the site. Regardless of what may happen to the original source, if the link is later published by a journal using the service, the archived version will always be available through the link.

When readers click on a link they are directed to a page which points to either the original site (which may have changed since the link was created) or see the archived copy of the site in its original state. is an online preservation service developed by the Harvard Law School Library in conjunction with university law libraries across the country and other organizations in the “forever” business.

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