Friday, March 06, 2015

Infokit: Digital file formats

Infokit: Digital file formats. Matt Faber. JISC. March 6, 2015.
JISC has released a new infokit resource on Digital file formats. The infokit presents an overview of the current state of digital file formats for still images, audio and moving images, and it is looking toward future formats, and shifts to new formats from previously popular formats.
Choosing the right file format is important to successfully creating, digitizing, delivering, and preserving the digital media objects:
  • The format helps define the quality of a digital object. 
  • Using poorly supported formats that may restrict or block use will hinder file distribution
  • Selecting a proprietary format with a short shelf life, or a compressed format that irreversibly loses data will hamper digital preservation
  • Selecting the right format for a project should not be taken lightly

Maintenance of digital media files is an ongoing process. This kit is to:
  • Provide a comprehensive understanding of what a file format is 
  • The considerations in choosing the correct format for your project
  • Provide quick and practical answers to ‘what file format should I use for…? 
  • Help identify uncommon digital file formats.
  • Provide in-depth technical information about the digital files and file format properties.

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