Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Main features of CERIF

Main features of CERIF. Website. March. 2015.
Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) is a concept about research entities and their relationships. The data-centric data model allows for a metadata representation of research entities, their activities, interconnections, such as research, and the results. It includes semantic relationships which enable quality maintenance, archiving, access and interchange of research information. It is very flexible and can be implemented in different ways. Today CERIF is used as
  • a model for implementation of a standalone Current Research Information System (CRIS)
  • as a model to define the wrapper around a legacy non-CERIF CRIS, and
  • as a definition of a data exchange format to create a common data warehouse from several systems
"Metadata is ... normally understood to mean structured data about resources that can be used to help support a wide range of operations. These might include, for example, resource description and discovery, the management of information resources and their long-term preservation.” 
Presentation for more information.

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