Monday, April 27, 2015

Chronopolis and DuraCloud: Doing integration right

Chronopolis and DuraCloud: Doing integration right. Bill Branan, David Minor. PASIG Presentation. March 12, 2015. [PDF]
Duracloud is a hosted digital preservation service. Chronopolis is a digital preservation storage network spanning multiple institutions and geographic regionsbased on active preservation (constant checking of items). The reasons for integrating the services and becoming a DPN node:
  • Digital content preservation is important to the future of society
  • All preserved digital content should be handled equally
  • Need an economically viable option to support the preservation needs of all institutions, regardless of size or technical capability
  • Need to simplify the preservation process as much as possible
These are two very independent existing systems with different workflows and processes. DuraCloud works with real-time data, and Chronopolis works with well defined data collections. Sometimes the best way to integrate two systems is to not require either system to know anything about the other.

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