Friday, April 10, 2015

Cloud storage for preservation

Archiving On-Premise and in the Cloud. Joseph Lampitt, Oracle. PASIG Presentation. March 2015. [PDF]
Cloud Storage is storage accessed over a network via web services APIs. For digital preservation storage, one option is the 3-2-1 Rule (3 copies, 2 mediums, 1 offsite).

Benefits of Cloud Storage
  • Limitless scalability
  • Custom metadata
  • Single namespace
  • Simplified management
Preservation Considerations with Cloud Storage include:
  • System / cloud performance
  • Security
  • Infrastructure and investment
  • Stability and longevity of the solution
  • Descriptive metadata 
  • Fixity and where that happens
  • System security and access control  
  • Audit Event Tracking (e.g. maintaining records of actions associated with an asset)
  • Version control so that originals are unchanged
There are trade offs between on site and cloud solutions. The business needs should drive the choice of solutions. It is reported that 90% of an organization's data is passive. Charts comparing the cost of cloud storage to on site storage. “Glacier is almost 10 times as expensive as an on premise tape system with support.”

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