Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Legal Aspects for Digital Preservation Domain

Legal Aspects for Digital Preservation Domain. Barbara Kolany-Raiser, Marzieh Bakhshandeh, José Borbinha, Silviya Yankova. iPres Proceedings. 2014. 
This paper proposes a legal model for the digital preservation domain. This is intended to include different perspectives and facilitate the translation and mapping of legal information in the digital preservation area. A legal perspective is important for technology developments, and when copyright protected data has to be preserved digitally, care must be taken so that the digital preservation system processes do not violate this right. The rights holder for the data must explicitly grant use and preservation rights. "Every digital preservation activity must ensure the authenticity and legitimacy of the performed actions and processes." The paper recommends integrating legal perspectives into the digital preservation process, and it includes a conceptual map of this legal perspective describing the concepts and the relationships.

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