Thursday, May 07, 2015

Quattro Pro for DOS: an obsolete format at last?

Quattro Pro for DOS: an obsolete format at last? Johan van der Knijff. Johan's Blog. October 29, 2014.
Account of researcher at the KB looking at old Quattro Pro for DOS spreadsheet and trying to access them using modern-day software. The Quattro Pro software was released in 1988. Support for Quattro Pro spreadsheets was removed altogether from more recent versions of MS Excel. LibreOffice / OpenOffice support older versions, but not the older Quattro Pro for DOS. Apart from Quattro Pro, which seemed to have some difficulties with the spreadsheets, modern spreadsheet programs offer no support for Quattro Pro for DOS spreadsheets. "The most recent version of Quattro Pro still reads both DOS era formats, although there are some problems. Some of these are formatting-related."

There were some additional tests with the Quattro Pro files. In addition, it appears that Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets may also be more problematic than I initially thought.

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