Friday, June 12, 2015

File identification tools, part 3: DROID and PRONOM

File identification tools, part 3: DROID and PRONOM. Gary McGath. File Formats Blog.  June 1, 2015.
DROID (Digital Record Object IDentification) is an open sourced Java-based tool from the UK National Archives that is designed to identify and verify files for digital repositories.  It relies on file format information from the National Archive’s registry, which uses a tool called PRONOM. "DROID depends on files that describe distinctive data values for each format". It can verify single files or large batches of files, or it can be integrated into other applications. DROID generates reports about the file and the identify and verification, or report if it can't match the type of file. Sometimes it may report that a file has more than one matching signature, such as if there is more than one version of a format.

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