Thursday, June 11, 2015

Libraries and Research Data Services

Libraries and Research Data Services. Megan Bresnahan, Andrew Johnson. University of Colorado Boulder. 2014. [PDF]
A presentation that looks at the importance of training librarians to become experts in research data services (RDS). “Reassigning existing library staff is the most common tactic for offering RDS. This approach also needs to be supported with professional development for staff so they can gain the required expertise to provide the full range of RDS”

Some feedback from Subject Librarians shows that they know it is part of their duties and that it is becoming more important, but that it is difficult to accomplish in the current environment:
  • “Research data is intimidating!”
  • “How can I take on research data support with so much else already on my plate?!”
  • “I need practical tools to use to help researchers with their data”
  • “Helping faculty and students with their data is an increasingly important part of my liaison duties”
Becoming expert requires data services training with established learning goals. With training, Subject Librarians are able to:
  • Understand the stages
  • Define the role
  • Apply skills
  • Plan for outreach
  • Feel confident
  • Engage with researchers
DataQ is a website that serves as a collaborative, peer-reviewed reference tool for librarians providing research data services

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