Monday, June 01, 2015

Libraries could outlast the internet, head of British Library says

Libraries could outlast the internet, head of BritishLibrary says. Hannah Furness. The Telegraph. 25 May 2015.
Roly Keating, director of the British Library, said he was shocked at how many "smart people" still questioned whether libraries were still viable in the modern age.

Stop worrying about whether libraries will survive the digital age, that they could outlast the internet.
Libraries have countless values worth defending, including trust, that pre-dated the internet. Libraries have a vital place in communities and could prove the most "powerful and resiliant network yet". "And what we collectively believe libraries are and are for will determine what form they survive in."

 "But the time frame we think on, centuries back and centuries into the future, allows us to think about trust in its highest sense, and authentication and provenance of information, and digital information in particular.

"Those are hard-won privileges and values and they're worth defending."

"And in some ways they are the most powerful and resiliant network of all, if we continue to believe in them."

"With all our fascination of and love for the internet in the age of data, these values and the values and idea of the library predated the internet and if we get it right may yet outlast it.

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