Monday, June 08, 2015

New Sources and Storage Options For Rosetta

Rosetta Users Group 2015: New Sources and Storage Options For Rosetta. Chris Erickson. June 3, 2015. [PDF slides]
This is my presentation at the Rosetta's User Group / Advisory Group held this past week.

We installed Rosetta in March 2012 and have ingested a number of collections in the preservation repository. In addition to those sources and collections we have already set up to work with Rosetta, we have been working with some new areas. These include:
  • University Academic electronic records in SharePoint. Rosetta harvest tool for SharePoint
  • New Library repositories, such as Digital Commons
  • Harvest Canon camera raw images and ingest into Rosetta
  • Ingest University videos and digitized files from the Audio Digitization project
  • Program to gather information from Unstructured folders of archival objects and ingest into Rosetta

One of the things that everyone is struggling with is the lack of sufficient storage. Conventional storage is expensive and limited. So we are investigating alternative long term storage possibilities:
  • Develop a Proof of Concept Project to ingest Rosetta content in DPN
  • Amazon S3 Cloud Storage from Rosetta. Easy to connect to Rosetta.
  • Hitachi - LG Data Storage (HLDS) Optical Archive System
    • Long Term storage system 
    • Lowest storage cost
    • Single rack unit holds 1 PB of permanent storage; unlimited expansion
    • Currently testing with our Rosetta system
    • Reduce the need for refreshing or migrating content
    • Plan to use with Millenniata M-Discs in the archive

What we are looking for in preservation storage:
  • Sufficient capacity for our ever increasing content
  • Reasonable long term cost
    • Lower total costs of ownership
    • Reduced cost of refreshing or migration
  • Reliable and recoverable
    • Archival media
    • Industry Storage Partner
    • Multiple copies, locations
    • Secure storage
  • Accessible
    • Rosetta
    • Network

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