Wednesday, July 29, 2015

BitCurator 1.5.1 VM and ISO released

BitCurator 1.5.1 VM and ISO released. Bitcurator Group. July 21, 2015.
The latest release of BitCurator is now available.The Bitcurator wiki has BitCurator 1.5.1 VM and the BitCurator 1.5.1 Installation ISO. It contains:
  • Create forensic disk images: Disk images packaged with metadata about devices, file systems, and the creation process.
  • Analyze files and file systems: View details on file system contents from a wide variety of file systems.
  • Extract file system metadata: File system metadata is a critical link in the chain of custody and in records of provenance.
  • Identify and redact sensitive information: Locate private and sensitive information on digital media and prepare materials for public access.
  • Locate and remove duplicate files: Know what files to keep and what can be discarded.
It also contains a new bootstrap and upgrade automation tool, and support for USB 3.0 devices.

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