Thursday, July 23, 2015

Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit

Digital Preservation Business Case Toolkit. Jisc / Digital Preservation Coalition. May 2014.
     A comprehensive toolkit to help practitioners and middle managers build business cases to fund digital preservation activities. It includes step by step guide to building a case for digital preservation, such as the key activities for preparing, planning and writing a digital preservation business case. It includes templates, case studies, and other resources to go in a chronological order through the step needed when constructing a business case.

The key activities include
  1. Preparation; look at timing, your organization's strategy, and what others are doing 
  2. Audit your organization's readiness and do a risk assessment
  3. Assess where you are and what you need, your collections, your organizational risks
  4. Think hard about your stakeholders and intended audience
  5. Decide your objectives for your digital preservation activity and define what you want to achieve
  6. List your digital preservation benefits and map to your organization's strategy
  7. Look at benefits, risks and cost benefit analysis 
  8. Validate / refine your business case; Identify weaknesses and gaps in your business case
  9. Deliver your business case with maximum impact; Create an Elevator Pitch, so you have the right language ready to make your case to potential advocates in your organization. 
The elements of the template include:
  • The key features of the business case and a compelling argument for what you want to achieve.
  • Decide where you want the plan to be by a specific time
  • The key background and foundational sections of your business case, a focus on your digital assets and an assessment of the key stakeholders, and the risks facing your digital assets.
  • A description of the business activity that your business case will enable.
  • The possible options along with an assessment of the benefits, and associated costs and risks. 

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