Friday, July 31, 2015

Rosetta Customer Testimonial - Jennifer L. Thoegersen, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Rosetta Customer Testimonial - Jennifer L. Thoegersen, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Jennifer Thoegersen. University of Nebraska–Lincoln / Ex Libris. July 5, 2015. [YouTube video.]
      Jennifer Thoegersen, Data Curation Librarian at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, talks about her experience with using Rosetta for managing and preserving different types of digital content, and its impact at UNL. The challenges that they were facing included having digital materials throughout the library and the campus that they were backing up but they wanted to do more to actively preserve and manage the materials far into the future. Libraries have been tasked to be the gatekeepers for the information. They have lots of different types of content, such as research data, audiovisual content, born digital content, websites, digitized images. They have moved content from ContentDM into Rosetta.

One of the things she really likes about being a Rosetta user is that the Rosetta User Community is very helpful. The group provides insights to working with different types of situations and challenges and they share code as well. The major benefit for UNL is the ability to validate their content, monitor our digital assets over an extended period of time, and being able to tailor the system to meet their needs. Rosetta is an open, extendable, and customizable digital preservation system. The implementation team worked well, and they have also been able too work with the system developers to suggest improvements and have those changes added to the system.

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