Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Another successful work meeting on ontologies

Another successful work meeting on ontologies. Johannes Biermann. Pericles Blog. 10 August 2015.
The Centre for Research & Technology, Hellas (CERTH) hosted a technical workshop on the Linked Resource Model (LRM), the LRM service, domain ontologies, ecosystem model and policies.
Discussion of the progress on the domain ontologies and how the concept of “resource” has been adapted. Other topics included:
  • Art & Media domain ontologies
    Art & Media domain ontologies, to make them useable for the concrete scenario and for similar scenarios. 
  • The Science domain ontology uses Topic Maps to organise the knowledge with index and thesaurus 
  • The Ecosystem ontology has  a simplified graphical view of the ontology, with agents of different types, simplified dependency types,  significance of the resources, and refinement of the process and policy elements.
  • Linked Resource Model (LRM), including changes and the new features
  • Linked Resource Model service that includes dynamic parts that can be used to express time, activities, actions, versions and rules.
  • Roles of policies and how they are handled, the tools that drive the policies and how they can be tested. 

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