Wednesday, August 12, 2015

FY2014 Preservation Statistics Report

 FY2014 Preservation Statistics Report. Annie Peterson, Holly Robertson, and Nick Szydlowski. American Library Association. August 10, 2015. [PDF report]
     The majority of the survey respondents were academic libraries (64% ). The results are for review and analysis. The Preservation Statistics Survey no longer distinguishes between reformatting and digitization for access versus preservation. It encourages preservation units and digital initiatives units to cooperate and foster ongoing, mutually beneficial relationships.
  • The figures show that 80% of AV items digitized were magnetic media. AV preservation is urgent and more research is needed to understand the issues.
  • Microfilm accounted for 60% of the non-print items digitized.
  • Most participants (62%) responded that digital preservation responsibilities take place outside of the preservation unit.  The majority of those have digital initiatives units that are responsible for the digital preservation activities. Others indicated that digital preservation is an activity spread across multiple units, while the remaining institutions report that digital preservation activities are the responsibility of a collections management or technical services unit or in the smallest group it is part of an IT / Systems unit. 
Respondents are managing approximately 10 Petabytes of data and added over 26 million items to their digital repositories in FY2014. Web archiving accounted for 60% of the items added to digital repositories.

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