Friday, August 21, 2015

Video Metadata: Finding common ground for video management

IPTC Video Metadata Initiative - Draft #2, June 2015. IPTC - International Press Telecommunications Council. June 2015.
     IPTC, the standards body of the news media, is trying to solve metadata problems. The video metadata for many businesses is essential to describe the video, the sharing rights, and administrative information. The metadata between organizations is not interoperable; the same metadata may have different field names; the rights metadata is used inconsistently by different groups. This prevents proper workflows and metadata may be lost in the process.

The IPTC is defining a "set of metadata properties, each one with a specific name and clearly described semantics" from the most commonly used elements. This will define how the properties can be used by different technologies. This will help by "having a single set of metadata properties regardless of the technology to implement it. This allows to define a consistent workflow for the metadata management across technical boundaries." The link is to a Google spreadsheet that has tabs for the Introduction, Proposed Properties, and a Qualifier Vocabulary. The properties are in five groups:
  • describing a/v content
  • rights
  • administrative
  • technical
  • tool
The set of metadata properties covers:
  • describing what can be seen and heard in the video
  • rights related information
  • administrative purposes
  • technical characteristics
This is a draft for a set of metadata properties and proposes basic technical implementations.

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