Friday, September 25, 2015

Backblaze releases raw data on all 41,000 HDDs in its data center

Backblaze releases raw data on all 41,000 HDDs in its data center. Lucas Mearian. Computerworld. Feb 4, 2015.
     Backblaze has provided the files of raw data collected over three years on the reliability of over  41,000 hard disk drives in its data center. They have made the information available before, but these are the raw data files that can be used to examine the data in greater detail.  The two files contain the 2013 data and the 2014 data. The 2015 results will be released when they're available.

 "You may download and use this data for free for your own purpose, all we ask is three things 1) you cite Backblaze as the source if you use the data, 2) you accept that you are solely responsible for how you use the data, and 3) you do not sell this data to anyone, it is free."  Backblaze uses all consumer-class drives to keep its costs down and says they "are as reliable as expensive enterprise-class drives."  The results show "Western Digital's drives lasted an average of 2.5 years, while Hitachi's and Seagate's lasted 2 and 1.4 years, respectively. Even so, some of the individual Hitachi models topped the reliability charts."

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