Monday, September 07, 2015

Digital Archives & Preservation Systems

Digital Archives & Preservation Systems. Kari R. Smith.  MIT Institute Archives. Engineering the Future of the Past Blog. July 1, 2015. [PDF]
     Very good presentation on fitting tools, processes and systems together. These open source tools are being developed and used in the digital archives and digital preservation communities to address the needs and gaps in systems for meeting standards, such as OAIS, PAIMAS, and Trustworthy Digital Repositories. They enable description, discovery, delivery, and preservation of digital collections. Some of the tools mentioned in the presentation:
  • ArchivesSpace: archives collection management and discovery
  • Archivematica: digital preservation system (processes files chosen for preservation and creates Archival Information Packages and Dissemination Information Packages)
  • Access to Memory (atom): archives and special collections discovery and delivery system and collections management system
  • BitCurator and BitCurator Access: digital forensics tools and processes for archival and special collections material
  • ePADD: electronic mail processing, access, discovery system
  • Fixity: enables the preservation actions of fixity checking of files in archival (or other) storage. Includes reporting on file attendance and file integrity.
  • QuickView Plus: render the files so you can appraise them and make decisions
  • Binder: integrates with Archivematica to view administrative, technical, descriptive, and preservation metadata related to AIPs and the relationships among the metadata
  • Manual capture of sites, creates WARC file
Lifecycle Environment
  • Storage Pathways
    •   Steps in Manage Digital workflow showing Storage Areas and Activities
    •    Submission Storage -> Ingest Storage -> Archival Storage -> Dissemination Storage
  • Digital Content Management Workflow
    • Diagram showing steps in the Manage Digital Workflow and the Storage Areas.
  • External Content Creators
  • Archives Collections Security Requirements
    • Archives Management Systems provide support for the archival workflow, including appraisal, accessioning, description, arrangement, publication of finding aids, collection management, and preservation.”
Digital Preservation workflows may involve the integration of several tools, such as:
  • ArchivesSpace – Archivematica – ArchivesSpace
  • ArchivesSpace - atom – Archivematica – atom
  • BitCurator – ArchivesSpace – Archivematica - ArchivesSpace
Monitor digital files with Fixity and Binder. Look at mapping standards and tools to your local situation. Evaluate how these meet your Mission, Tasks, Components:
  • What is our mission and goals? 
  • Break them into tasks to accomplish
  • Determine where they happen during workflow
  • Identify
    • Information inputs
    • Digital content inputs
    • Intended output
  • Decide how these fit with the lifecycle storage areas
  • Select tools that assist us accomplish our goals then Monitor, Adjust, Repeat

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