Monday, September 14, 2015

MediaTrace: A Comprehensive Architecture Report for AudioVisual Data

Announcing MediaTrace: A Comprehensive Architecture Report for AudioVisual Data. website. September 13, 2015.
     MediaTrace is a new reporting tool that documents the structure and contents of digital files, particularly with audiovisual data. The complementary tool from MediaInfo summarizes a file’s significant characteristics; it provides comprehensive documentation of the file information in an XML format with an XML Schema and a Data Dictionary.

MediaTrace XML
  • itemizes and describes parts of a digital file in a comprehensive file index. 
  • documents elemental contents such as text strings, short binary values, numbers, and dates. 
  • for a media file it will document the size.
  • focuses on comprehensively documenting the file structure as a whole 
The MediaTrace Schema contains the elements:
  • MediaTrace: provides the root level element of the document
  • block: documents a structural piece or elemental component of a digital file's bitstream data
  • data: document the lowest-level and most granular aspect of the file's contents
MediaTrace has been developed by MediaArea with collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art. MediaTrace is also developed as part of the MediaConch, a PREFORMA project.

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