Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The C-Suite: Sleepwalking To Digital Disaster?

The C-Suite: Sleepwalking To Digital Disaster? Jon Tilbury. TechWeekEurope. September 2, 2015.
     While many Chief Information Officers have continuity plans, or plans for digital storage "not many think as far ahead as to think that many of these files will be obsolete in thirty years."  In that 30 year time span, obsolescence may well fall within the regulatory deadline for records accessibility and they will have to deal with the outcome. Digital preservation isn’t high on the corporate agenda, and many executives are likely "unfamiliar with the term which refers to the practice of protecting digital assets against obsolescence so that they are usable and readable when required. " Many people feel that if they have their records in the 'cloud' then they are covered. Yet backing things up or putting them in the cloud does not ensure file longevity. The records would need to be managed by a comprehensive digital preservation solution. "Safeguarding critical digital content and ensuring records can be found, read and understood requires a deep understanding of the information lifecycle and a dedicated digital preservation effort." Public institutions are leading the way with digital preservation and corporate entities ought to look at this very serious to ensure compliance with legislation guidelines.

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