Thursday, September 17, 2015

Tracing the contours of digital transformation, Part One

Tracing the contours of digital transformation, Part One. September 11, 2015.
     Interesting article about changing our institutions to encompass digital technology.  Some quotes and notes:
  • “digital” transformation is, at it’s most fundamental level, not about digital technologies, but about people, mindsets, relationships, and things. 
  • transforming our processes will deliver transformed products more effectively
  • Delivering innovative (and even revolutionary) experiences is a lot easier to do from a position of knowing what you are (and aren’t) about. 
  • there’s still plenty of work to be done to thoughtfully tackle the big issue of digital transformation and become a postdigital institution, "one that has normalized and internalized digital technologies to an extent that they permeate the whole institution and how the institution works".

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