Saturday, October 03, 2015

Risk management guide for the secure disposal of electronic records

Secure destruction of electronic records. Archives New Zealand. 2 October 2015.
     Blog post on the secure and complete destruction of electronic records plus all copies and backups. Destruction of paper records are mostly straightforward. However it is not so easy to confidently delete electronic records. The processes to destroy digital records should be secure, irreversible, planned, documented and verifiable.  The article has examples of risks of not destroying records,  as well as resources on how to implement the destruction records. In addition there is a new guide on the benefits of disposal and the risks of not disposing of records: Risk management guide for disposal of records.

[Disposal and destruction of digital records may not seem like it has anything to do with digital preservation, but it is an important part of records management. More than just that, it can be a needed part of the submission and ingest processes made multiple copies of sensitive content have been created before or while adding the content.  Or if you have been given media to add and then must dispose of the media afterwards. -cle]

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