Thursday, November 12, 2015

Digital Curation Decision Form

Digital Curation Decision Form. Chris Erickson. Harold B. Lee Library. November 13, 2015.
Latest version is found here: Policies and Procedures
     This is the [former] version of our Digital Curation Decision Form (old version). The form is used by subject specialists (curators, subject librarians, or faculty responsible for collections) to determine
  • what materials should be included in our Rosetta Digital Archive; 
  • whether additional copies are needed, including copies on M-Discs; and 
  • whether or not the digital collection is a preservation priority. 
Additional questions ask about access to the preservation copies; the preservation actions needed; and directions on content options if format migration is needed. The form was created to help subject specialists determine what should be preserved, even if they are unaware of digital preservation topics. In practice, we complete the form during an interview with new subject specialists. Documentation will be added when the final version is approved.


Gene said...

Useful looking resource, will be a handy reference tool.

Quick question: section 3 of the decision chart says 'If No to any question' and then 'If Yes to any question'. You could conceivably answer Yes to some questions and No to others in section 3, in which case, which is the correct decision path? Should that be 'If No to all questions'?

Chris Erickson said...

Thanks, I added the correct version. Should be 'every' for No.

Jan Hutaƙ said...

Hi, the URL does not work, or at least not for me :(

Chris Erickson said...

The link has been updated.