Friday, December 18, 2015

Digital preservation in 2016: 5 predictions

Digital preservation in 2016: 5 predictions. Jon Tilbury. ItProPortal. December 15, 2015.
     The article presents five trends that he sees in digital preservation from his point of view:
  1. Old analog media and file formats will continue to become obsolete. Betamax, "think of the floppy disk, the CD-ROM, Lotus 1-2-3 or WordStar." Digitize content to digitally preserve content against obsolescence.
  2. Moving critical long-term and permanent digital records to the safety of secure and open archival repositories, where records can be "future-proofed for the long-term".
  3.  Digital preservation will go mainstream. Cultural organizations have been managing and preserving digital content; now many commercial and government organizations are now understanding the need for long-term digital preservation.
  4. Use of the cloud for preserving digital content will continue to increase.
  5. Technology refresh cycles will get faster. The Digital Dark Age debate has helped to move digital preservation to a higher level.

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