Monday, December 07, 2015

When the Technology Changes on You

When the Technology Changes on You.  Maha Bali. The Chronicle of Higher Education. November 9, 2015.
   An article about changing technology, ways to deal with it, efforts and costs that it takes to do that. The article was a result of Twitter changing the favorite icon from stars to hearts. How do we handle unexpected changes to the technology we use for work? Some of the changes encounter include when:
  • a website disappears. The Internet Archive may help, but you may want to have contingency plans
  • a tool changes or loses features. A change in features, such as the Twitter hearts can mean different things to different people and alter the way they work. "Tools distort what we are trying to express." Changes may require we discuss the situation with others but which can be beneficial.
  • a tool is down or unavailable. We should ensure that we have alternatives or backups
Some alternative plans may include hosting your own tools so that you can control them if there are changes. However, this does not always work, and there are other costs to consider.

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