Monday, January 11, 2016

Digital Preservation Decision Form

Digital Preservation Decision Form. Chris Erickson. Harold B. Lee Library. January 11, 2016. Updated.   
     This is the production version of our Digital Preservation Decision Form with the Instructions for completing the form. The form is used by subject specialists (curators, subject librarians, or faculty responsible for collections) to determine:
  • which materials should be included in our Rosetta Digital Archive; 
  • who can access content in the Digital Archive;
  • preservation metadata and updates;
  • preservation actions needed;
  • direction on format migration options;
  • whether or not the digital collection is a high preservation risk. 
Standard practices include creating three preservation copies, Rosetta, tape, stored in the granite vaults, and a copy on M-Disc. The form was created to help subject specialists determine what should be preserved, even if they are unaware of digital preservation procedures and practices. In practice, we complete the form during an interview with new subject specialists. This version includes instructions to help complete the form.

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